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What is Call4Papers?

Call4Papers is the process through which people can submit their talk proposals to present at The Developer's Conference.

Every talk is linked to a specific track and will be evaluated by the track's technical committee, composed of the people who are coordinating the track.

All talks at The Developer's Conference are selected through Call4Papers, even guests and sponsors must submit their proposals within the Call4Papers deadline.


Do you have questions about how Call4Papers works? We have prepared some materials especially for you, with the aim of answering all your questions on this subject.

How to submit a talk to a technology event?

TDC's Call4Papers is open!

3 tips for submitting talks

Mentoring for the Speaker

With Bruno Souza (Javaman)

Você tem a palestra perfeita para o TDC

Submit your talk for TDC 2023


Start: 09/01/2023
End: 12/02/2023


Start: a definir
End: a definir


Start: 13/03/2023
End: 09/04/2023


Start: 29/05/2023
End: 09/07/2023


Start: 21/08/2023
End: 17/09/2023

* Dates subject to change

Our TDC Call4Papers system

If you are already a speaker or would like to speak then we want to inform you that we made a derivation of an open source project developed by the Devoxx team! Ana Abrantes and Julio Faerman have been constantly working on customizations, but you who are a developer know how it is, right? We may have surprises and we count on your cooperation and patience. If you have any problems, please send an email to

And if you want to contribute with improvements and corrections, we made our version of this project available on Github.


We separated some tips that Yara Senger left in the blog Globalcoders. In case you haven’t seen:

The most important step in being approved as a speaker is undoubtedly submitting at least one talk. So, regardless of anything, participate, risk, disclose.