The Developer’s Conference
The Developer’s Conference (TDC) is the largest event related to software development in Brazil.

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What is The Developer’s Conference?

The Developer’s Conference (TDC) is the largest event related to software development in Brazil connecting meetup and event organizers, speakers, companies and sponsors on a single platform, empowering the local ecosystem of each region it's realized.

TDC is a very dynamic conference aimed to present the most important topics according to local and international needs and, for this reason, there are more than ten parallel tracks a day.

Each track is like an independent one-day event organized by experts that are responsible to select seven or more speakers via the Call4Papers platform.

Open innovation & Community

"TDC is an event made for and by the community"

  • Track organizers / Technical Committee are selected via Call4Tracks process
  • Speakers are selected via Call4Papers, it's open for everyone to submit
  • bringing the latest trends to each edition by listening the community
  • Sponsor companies
  • Companies that wish to train their employees
  • Participants
Open innovation & Community
What is a track?

What is a track?

A "Track" is a one-day event about a specific area. Every track presents from 7 to 14 talks, divided in the day schedule. The participant chooses his/her favourite theme and, after registering, can attend different talks, all of them related to his/her track theme. There are 7 slots of 50 minutes each, with talks of 15, 25 and 50 minutes. Between the slots we have amazing breaks for lunch and coffee break, when the expected networking happens.

The editions

TDC has five editions in the so called key cities of Brazil regarding community development of technology:

  • Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina, a large center of innovation development and IT professionals.
  • Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, one of the "Capitals of Mercosur" and business center.
  • São Paulo, the capital of São Paulo, the Brazilian financial capital, with the major investments and connections in the area of information technology.
  • Recife, where Digital Port was created, one of the main technological parks and innovation environments of Brazil and is onde of the representatives of the new economy of the state of Pernambuco.
  • Belo Horizonte, is the stage for the development of a mature ecosystem of technology and today concentrates several startups internationally recognized in the capital of Minas Gerais.
The editions
Join TDC

Join TDC

The Developer’s Conference embraces the community and gives the opportunity to anyone who wants to organize an event to submit a track suggestion, as well as to those who want to give a lecture, submitting the talks at CallPapers. Both the tracks and the talks will be selected by a technical committee.

You can join next TDC by sending your talk to the next edition.


Be a TDC Sponsor

If you are interested in reaching and interacting with the best IT Professionals of this country contact us in order to receive a detailed report of the participants profile and the available plans for sponsors.

Be a TDC Sponsor
Latin America Expansion

Latin America Expansion

TDC has a very ambitious project to expand its activities in Latin America, reaching the Spanish speaking countries, with the same content and communities. This project has the support of entrepreneurs and local communities in countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. These countries will help develop a three-year project which will start with the simultaneous live broadcast from TDC Porto Alegre 2018. It will be broadcasted in Spanish and free on internet to all those who wish to attend it.

If you either are interested in helping us in this expansion or wish to connect your Latin American community with TDC, please contact us through the channels listed below.