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No, we decided to keep the four editions in online versions in 2021. The digital transformation of TDC was a success and we are sure that everyone will be able to benefit from the connections and networking in the online version of the event, which will become thematic editions starting in 2021. Our priority is to preserve the health and well-being of the entire TDC community.

TDC Innovation (Online) 23 to 25 March

TDC Connections (Online) June 8th to 10th

TDC Transformation (Online) August 24th to 26th

TDC Future (Online) 30 Nov to 02 December

Each day brings together at least 11 (eleven) PREMIUM tracks and BASIC PASS tracks, with programming available throughout the day.

  • The PREMIUM TRACKS (VIP Passport, Premium Passport, VIP Pass, Premium Pass, Connect Pass, and Corporate Pass) are paid technical tracks and bring together at least 9 (nine) talks and a panel (Open Space) on the common topic. The online tracks take place inside a virtual room, lasting 8 (eight) hours, and also include access to the Basic Pass Tracks, at no additional cost. The talks on the different tracks take place simultaneously in each room. Participants registered in more than one track on the same day are aware that they must choose the talk they will attend on each track

  • The BASIC TRACKS include the Stadium track, the Lounge + Diversity Accessibility and Careers, as well as access to the TDC Expo and the Sponsors Room. The stadium consists of a selection of talks, brought from the Premium Tracks program, creating a program with diverse content and gathered in one place. The Stadium Track takes place on the main stage. Basic Pass Track tickets are free and subject to availability.

Basic Pass - 100% free registration and gives access to all days and periods of the event in the talks of the Stadium track, Diversity and Accessibility Track, and the Career and Mentoring Track, as well as access to the TDC Expo, Rooms, and Sponsor Tracks.

Premium Pass - paid registrations per track. In Premium Pass registrations, the participant will be able to choose between 1 (one) or several tracks of the edition. Each track is a full day of events and they take place simultaneously. The registrations follow the values of the sales stage. In this category, we have the benefit of obtaining a progressive discount, that is, the more tracks you buy, the greater the discount on the total amount, as long as they are purchased in the same payment, at the same time and for the same person, that is, in the same access to the registration system page.

VIP Pass - Registration in the VIP Pass mode allows access to all the tracks of the event at a single promotional value. With this ticket, the participant will be able to carry out their agenda with total freedom to enter all rooms on all days of the event, guaranteeing 30 hours of content according to their preference and goals.

TDC PASSPORT PREMIUM - Includes a package of eight (8) tracks that can be used flexibly throughout the current year of purchase. The person who chooses this type of registration receives from the TDC Team via email tdc@thedevelopersconference.com.br, a unique promotional code, valid for the entire year and you can sign up for the track in all four editions however you want. In addition, it includes a single TDC Experience box in the edition that acquires the TDC PASSPORT PREMIUM that will be sent by post to the congressman's home

TDC PASSPORT VIP - include four (4) VIP Pass entries, one per edition and offers unrestricted access to all Premium, Basic and other event environments. The TDC team is committed to signing up and forwarding the confirmation of registration in the customer's email. Besides that, it includes a TDC Experience box in each edition of the event, totaling four submissions throughout the year, and is sent by mail to the congressman's home.

TDC CONNECT PASS (only for TDC Connections edition, days 08, 09, and 10 of June) - includes 6 (six) paid tracks, broadcast exclusively in English, over the three days of the event. These tracks are a bonus for the VIP Pass and Passport VIP registration categories

CORPORATE PASS - Corporate registration category, which allows companies to bring their technology teams to The Developer's Conference, either by annual corporate purchase or by corporate purchase per edition. Just choose the number of positions that will be used in the edition or throughout the year. By purchasing the registrations for your company's employees, we will send you a PJ registration code where the person responsible for your company's registrations must send it to the employees in order to register on the event's website. To guarantee the progressive discount on the purchase of the Corporate Pass, just send the company data through the link: link

The sooner you register for the event, the bigger your discount! There are 3 stages of registration!

The more tracks you choose, the bigger your discount! Check the values on the website:

Just make the request by email: tdc@thedevelopersconference.com.br, informing the data of the new holder. The new holder will receive a confirmation email with the registration data and automatically the original holder registration will no longer be valid.

All tickets or vouchers purchased in 2021 expire in the same current year, and it is not possible to transfer from one year to another.

The Call4Papers is the process through which people can submit their talk proposals to present at The Developer's Conference. Every talk is linked to a specific track and will be evaluated by the track’s technical committee, composed of the people who are coordinating the track.

All talks at The Developer's Conference are selected through Call4Papers, even guests and sponsors must submit their proposals within the Call4Papers. Questions related to applications must be directed to the email: palestrantes@thedevelopersconference.com.br.

The Call4Trilhas is the process through which people can submit their track proposals to The Developer's Conference. Any application to the track coordinator will be evaluated by the TDC technical committee. Questions related to applications must be directed to the email: coordenadores@thedevelopersconference.com.br

There will be no call for volunteers at TDC 2021 Online events.

The certificate, in PDF format, will be available only for the modalities: Passport VIP, Passport Premium, Premium Pass, VIP Pass, Connect Pass, Coordinators, Speakers, and Panelists and will be sent by email after the event within 15 days after the last day of the event.

BASIC PASS, exhibitor and organization, do not receive Certificate of Participation.

The talks are recorded and made available to the public throughout the year on the portal In this site, you can check Stadium's talks for the 2020 and 2021 editions free of charge. The content of the Premium Tracks will be made available to congress attendees who have purchased such tracks in differentiated access on the same platform and will be notified about the release of the content, via email.

If you invested in the TDC BH Presencial in 2020, which had its edition canceled due to the pandemic and you want to transfer this amount to a 2021 edition, just contact us by e-mail.

For refund, please fill out the Refund & Cancellation Request Form
Refunds will be deposited into the bank account informed during the application via the form within 15 days from the date of the cancellation request.