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Alex Simas Braz

Alex Simas Braz
A Star Labs

I am an BlockChain enthusiast and i have intensively studied this revolutionary technology, especially smart contracts with Ethereum and Rootstock. We are witnessing the birth of something really relevant and transformative, and I had not seen anything like this in the last 15 years working with systems development and innovation. I am very excited about the possibilities of BlockChain / DLTs technology. Finally we have the freedom we deserve to live in a better world. Also I study and I am thrilled with the Austrian school of economics, freedom for the people, decentralization, disintermediation. I am currently specializing in BlockChain, encryption, and some of the finest programming languages ?like golang, Solidity, NodeJS.

Trilhas/Workshops/Hackathons que coordenou

Evento Trilha Data
TDC 2019 São Paulo TRILHA BLOCKCHAIN 16/07/2019
TDC 2018 São Paulo TRILHA BLOCKCHAIN 17/07/2018
TDC 2017 Porto Alegre TRILHA BLOCKCHAIN 08/11/2017
TDC 2017 São Paulo TRILHA BLOCKCHAIN 18/07/2017

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2017 São Paulo TRILHA BLOCKCHAIN 18/07/2017 Entenda porque Blockchain é prioridade no mercado!