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Ubiratan Soares

Ubiratan Soares

I?m a Software Engineer working with Build infrastructure for Mobile projects in Barcelona, Spain. I have several years of experience with mobile development - across several industries - and I'm having fun with Kotlin since 2016. I?m a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin and I love to talk with the software community and share some of my learnings. On free time, I like to play soccer with my kid, watch some movies and series and all the usual geek stuff.

Trilhas/Workshops/Hackathons que coordenou

Evento Trilha Data
TDC 2015 São Paulo TRILHA ANDROID 21/07/2015

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2020 São Paulo Online TRILHA ANDROID 27/08/2020 Automatizando Android Workflows com Github Actions
TDC 2020 São Paulo Online TRILHA ANDROID 27/08/2020 Desenvolvimento Android Moderno: o que podemos esperar?
TDC 2018 São Paulo TRILHA KOTLIN 21/07/2018 DSLs in a Kotlin Way
TDC 2017 São Paulo TRILHA ANDROID 19/07/2017 Evoluindo arquiteturas reativas
TDC 2016 São Paulo TRILHA ANDROID 06/07/2016 Programação Reativa Funcional com RxJava
TDC 2013 São Paulo TRILHA ANDROID 12/07/2013 Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre o (não tão) novo NavigationDrawer
TDC 2012 São Paulo TRILHA ANDROID 05/07/2012 Entendendo o framework Android Query