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Bruno Borges

Bruno Borges

From Brazil to the world! Bruno Borges has over 16+ years of experience as an enterprise application developer, doing most of his code in Java, Javascript, and SQL. Now working at Microsoft helping the company in its journey to delight and empower Java developers in the Cloud. Before that he was Oracle?s Principal Product Manager responsible of Developer Relations Strategy for Oracle Cloud, Java, Databases, governance of open source projects on GitHub, and more. Passionated for Java, open source, Docker, Cloud, GitHub and so on.

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2021 FUTURE JAVA TRACK INTERNATIONAL 30/11/2021 How and Why to use jlink for custom runtimes for Java Apps
TDC 2018 Florianópolis TRILHA MICROSERVICES 18/04/2018 Serverless Functions e Padrões de Integração EIPs na Nuvem
TDC 2018 Florianópolis TRILHA JAVA EE 20/04/2018 Cloud Native Java EE
TDC 2018 Florianópolis TRILHA JAVA 21/04/2018 Serverless Java Functions: Onde, Como, Quanto?