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Douglas José Araujo

Douglas José Araujo
Squadra Tecnologia

I have been working with software for over 10 years, for private companies and public service.

None of my achievements was made alone and I am happy to have the chance to meet incredible people, who constantly help me to improve and solve ever greater challenges.

This led me to design solutions from governmental web portals, to search engine based solutions, distributed computation and give life to streams of data.

The concern always made me look for new platforms and frameworks, bringing innovation into my works, I have great expertise in Solr, Elasticsearch, RabbitMq, Lucene and several other technologies and I will be pleased to discuss it more.

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2021 FUTURE TRILHA ARQUITETURA .NET 02/12/2021 O impacto do modelo de versionamento de eventos ao trabalhar com Event Sourcing
TDC 2021 CONNECTIONS TRILHA APIS E MICROSERVICES INTERNACIONAL 10/06/2021 Using microservices to optimize infrastructure costs on comparing biological sequences
TDC 2021 INNOVATION TRILHA ARQUITETURA 25/03/2021 Como identificar contextos e domínios na prática
TDC 2021 INNOVATION TRILHA ARQUITETURA DE DADOS 25/03/2021 Aplicação de um modelo de dados orientado a eventos
TDC 2021 INNOVATION TRILHA .NET 23/03/2021 Criando filas multithreads utilizando sockets assíncronos
TDC 2020 Porto Alegre Online TRILHA ARQUITETURA DE DADOS 03/12/2020 Aplicando modelo de dados temporais no rastreamento de tráfego rodoviário
TDC 2020 Porto Alegre Online TRILHA ARQUITETURA 02/12/2020 Utilizando Event Sourcing como modelo para rastreamento da malha rodoviária
TDC 2019 Porto Alegre TRILHA ARQUITETURA .NET 28/11/2019 Processando em tempo real milhões de mensagens com dotnet sem Kafka