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Johnny Mayron Santana Ferreira

Johnny Mayron Santana Ferreira
Leaf Agriculture

QA Team Leader at Leaf Agriculture. I am working as a team leader of four members and I had experience with API, web and performance testing. I trained the members and currently I'm coding less and acting more as leader and problem solver. My main technical skills were related to tests automation using python, API tests and web tests, using mainly Behave to mapping our covered features, given the company product is an API. We use Github Actions to monitor the main executions and we use its results to work on some change requests and also breach of contracts. I?ve also had experiences with mobile?s compliance, regression and exploratory tests.

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TDC 2023 CONNECTIONS TRILHA TESTES 22/03/2023 Behave: an easy and low effort framework for testing and ensuring a growing REST API able to process petabytes of data