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Marcello Oliveira

Marcello Oliveira
Social Miner

I've been working as Software Developer for 2 years and in the last 18 months I?m going deep into Front-End Development with React as I?m already working with it. Before (and during) the university I had contact with a lot of different computer science subjects, going deep on data-structure/algorithm and being 3 times South American ACM-ICPC finalist.

My track includes relevant work with companies using Mobile and Web technologies. Some of those companies: Easy Flooring, Chromapolis, TreeHack. With those companies I used: HTML5, CSS3, JS (and all modern toolchain), Bootstrap, JQuery, React/Redux, React Native, SCSS, LESS, Webpack, React Native, Typescript, Node, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Currently living in SP/SP, working at Social Miner.

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2019 Recife TRILHA WEB E FRONT-END 12/10/2019 Progressive Enhancement Applied in Cross Browser Compatibility