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Matheus Albuquerque Brasil

Matheus Albuquerque Brasil
Beakyn Company

I'm a client-side architect?with an iOS/front-end and node.js background?currently working as a front-end engineer at Beakyn, a company whose mission is to help people better understand locations by building the most comprehensive geofence and Point of Interest (PoI) data in the America.

My areas of interest/passions include: Java, Swift, architecture patterns (redux et al.), User Interfaces libraries & frameworks (React et al.), developer tooling, functional & reactive programming, unix philosophy, and User Interaction design.

I also try to help as much as I can Brazilian local communities like Dev I/O Foundation, Ionic Brazil, CocoaHeads Fortaleza, Lambda I/O Foundation, and many others!

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Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2019 Florianópolis TRILHA WEB FRONT-END 25/04/2019 The state of the state: React state management in 2019
TDC 2018 Porto Alegre TRILHA WEB/FRONT-END 06/12/2018 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Front-End Performance, 2018 Edition.