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Paloma Brandão da Costa

Paloma Brandão da Costa

Professional passionate for technology in continuous improvement in the IT Industry. Intense experience with Agile Methods in the all cycle Software Development with Scrum, Kanban and Lean. Excellent experience in Software Atlassian Jira and Confluence, working with Agile teams. Has ability to treat and to win challenges, a characteristic that considers it important. Is a professional focused on goals and with fast learning ability. Social profile

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2021 FUTURE TRILHA DIVERSIDADE E ACESSIBILIDADE QUINTA 02/12/2021 Aplicando Acessibilidade Digital para Cegos: O Uso de Software Livre Acessível na Educação
TDC 2021 TRANSFORMATION TRILHA DIVERSIDADE E ACESSIBILIDADE (QUINTA) 26/08/2021 Acessibilidade Digital para Cegos: Uma Metodologia de desenvolvimento Acessível