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Paulo Alberto Simoes

Paulo Alberto Simoes
Oracle Corp.

I have been working as a software developer since 1995 and worked for a variety of industries, like telco, finance, and oil & gas. Developing different kinds of systems, from parallel operating systems and voice network performance analysis tools to core integration platforms to big companies.

I'm a board member at SouJava, where I have started a project called "Java@Rio". I'm a board member of Hyperledger Community, an initiative of the Hyperledger Foundation focused on spread the knowledge about blockchain.

Dedicated to Blockchain and Cloud-Native Development, and passionate about Java, C++ and systems architecture, I share my experience through presentations and meetings where I can do what I love ... inspire people ...

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2019 Florianópolis TRILHA CONTAINERS 26/04/2019 Containerd - O futuro dos Containers?
TDC 2019 Florianópolis TRILHA CLOUD 27/04/2019 Cloud Native Computing Foundation - A Mantenedora do Kubernetes
TDC 2019 Belo Horizonte TRILHA CLOUD E CONTAINERS 14/06/2019 Cloud Native Computing Foundation - A Mantenedora do Kubernetes