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Klaus Wuestefeld

Klaus Wuestefeld

Klaus attended XP 2000 in Italy, the first agile conference in the world and held the first agile conference in Brazil, in 2002.

Klaus is a consultant for organizations such as Sky TV, Telecom Italia Mobile, Siemens, the Central Bank of Brazil and Nubank, the largest fintech startup outside of Asia. He is on the board of the Objective group, comprising companies with offerings in Customer Relationship Management, Insurance, Billing, Development Squads, Agile Consulting, Cyber Security and Data Science. Klaus is the CEO of

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2021 FUTURE STADIUM TRACK INTERNATIONAL WEDNESDAY 01/12/2021 Fair Individual Compensation for Agile Teams with Team-Set Salaries
TDC 2021 INNOVATION TRILHA MANAGEMENT 3.0 E GESTÃO ÁGIL 24/03/2021 Agile Compensation with Team-Set Salaries
TDC 2020 ONLINE Especial BH TRILHA LINGUAGENS 25/04/2020 Qualitividade - Investindo em Qualidade de Código para Ganhar Produtividade
TDC 2018 São Paulo TRILHA XP 19/07/2018 Live Coding na Arquitetura Mais Produtiva Que Encontrei Até Hoje