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Anastasia Prozor

Anastasia Prozor
Sigma Software

For over 10 years I'm in the People management and Client relations area. Involved in project/program coordination, customer success management, and people management as well. Everything that's connected with the customer and personnel care, hr/recruitment processes is my cup of tea. I find my inspiration in different challenges, interesting people, and ideas that could change your standard approaches.

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Palestra
TDC 2023 FUTURE TRILHA CARREIRA INTERNACIONAL 07/12/2023 Lost in Translation: the importance of cross-cultural communication in your work in international company
TDC 2023 FUTURE TRILHA MANAGEMENT 3.0 E GESTÃO ÁGIL 05/12/2023 Speak-Easy: unlocking & navigating feedback's power
TDC 2023 BUSINESS TRILHA CARREIRA INTERNACIONAL 21/09/2023 Thriving without the Burnout: how to keep work and social life in harmony for your global career
TDC 2023 INNOVATION TRILHA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 16/06/2023 Be the talk of the town: tips for the efficient communication with your current and new customers
TDC 2023 CONNECTIONS TRILHA CARREIRA E MENTORIA SEXTA 24/03/2023 Being an A-star mentor: why you need it and how to be
TDC 2022 FUTURE TRILHA CARREIRA INTERNACIONAL 08/12/2022 What do you need to get your first job in the international company?