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JUNE 08 - 10, 2021

Join the major developer's conference in Latin America!

For 12 years, The Developer's Conference -- TDC -- has been fostering collaboration so you can grow your knowledge and carve your space in the technology industry. And when we collaborate, you grow, and we all grow with you!

At TDC, we are here to support you on your amazing career journey.

Increase your knowledge on the top technology trends with high-quality, community selected technical content. Overcome your challenges and move up in your career by connecting with speakers, luminaries and specialists in a fully live and interactive space. Make friends and collaborate to turn your dreams into reality in an exciting online event that values you, and promotes networking and collaboration.

Join the TDC CONNECTIONS by choosing one or more tracks fully presented in English!


3 days of free content: Stadium International Track, Expo and Sponsor Tracks

For you that want to find your space in the IT industry, the free content provided by the BASIC PASS will give you an overview of the top technology trends in the market.

Come participate in more than 30 hours of activities and connect with like-minded professionals. At no cost, you are free to jump in at the event at any time and experiment and discuss a wide range of topics.




In-depth content. Choose 1+ tracks of topics you care about.

For you that are looking to constantly increase your knowledge and go deeper in your technology journey. Each track of the PREMIUM PASS gives you a full day of focused content, so you can improve your skills.

Meet speakers and peers that are dealing with similar issues. Get your questions answered with interactive debates focused on your interests. Make friends that really understand the excitement and challenges of your preferred technologies.

Each track is a full-day event, with talks and debates focused on a specific topic.

Access to all Basic Pass benefits.


1 track: $30 for $20 USD * price valid until MAY/08

1 track: $30 for $25 USD * price valid until JUN/01

1 track: $30 USD * price valid until JUN/10


Access all 6 International Tracks. Freedom to watch it all.

For you that want to break all barriers and want the autonomy to forge your path inside the event, the CONNECT PASS gives you access to ALL the international content of the conference.

Come immerse yourself in the event and experience the full energy of 3 days of TDC. With access to everything, you can enjoy the top speakers no matter what track they are speaking at, and be free to connect with peers in any area.

Access to all Basic Pass benefits.


Connect Pass (6 tracks): $80 for $60 USD * price valid until MAY/08

Connect Pass (6 tracks): $80 for $70 USD * price valid until JUN/01

Connect Pass (6 tracks): $80 USD * price valid until JUN/10

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About The Developer's Conference (TDC)

The Developer's Conference is an open innovation platform that builds up through technology communities meeting and one of the major IT events in Latin America since 2008.

Each edition of the event gathers 30 to 40 tracks and workshops that approach market trends in specific themes such as BigData, Management 3.0, Java, Microservices, Tests, Cloud, Digital Transformation, APIs, Architecture, UX Design, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, DevOps, Data Science, and many other topics.

Each track is a single full-day event coordinated by the main influencers in Brazil with the support of several communities and groups of users, joining forces of more than 300 coordinators and 1,500 speakers throughout all year editions!

Last year, all editions became fully digital, increasing the TDC Online journey, with several innovations compared to its in-person version.

This enabled achieving more than 50,000 IT Professionals without geographic barriers, with a modern and interactive platform, TDC is ready to expand its growth in national and international coverage.

TDC Grows and Transforms with you!



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