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An Agile post-covid world

Agile ideas were around before the Manifesto. The quest for better software development practices has been going on for many decades. With the advent of the Manifesto, the term, "Agile" has become almost synonymous with software development best practices. There are many ways now to change organizations to be more efficient, more reliable, all with the goal of delighting their customers. Year after year we are evolving practices and designing processes to overcome challenges and enhance the interactions between teams, businesses, and customers. 2019 brought us new challenges and the world we used to know has all but disappeared. We now live in an online world, where the "old" practices and skills have to be adapted to a new environment. Come to this track and let's discuss how to create new practices that have a better fit for this new way of work.

Date and Place

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

09h às 19h GMT-3



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Time Content
10:15 to 10:45 (GMT-3)
13:15 to 13:45 (GMT)

TDC Opening

At International Stadium with Yara Senger
10:50 to 11:25 (GMT-3)
13:50 to 14:25 (GMT)

Can we go back, like, before Agile was something?

Daniel Wildt

There were so many options available, so many signs from where we could follow to build safe, productive, conscious and enablers spaces to deliver real value to the world. I keep thinking about why we continue discussing why we need to share knowledge and listen to our customers / community. Why we need to have spaces for conversation and improve in a continuous pace as we learn and experiment too? This was not supposed to be a question to be made.

Let's get back to quality principles, Deming principles, the understanding of waste, just in time, tacit and explicit knowledge and empirical processes.

11:30 to 12:05 (GMT-3)
14:30 to 15:05 (GMT)

Leadership: Use your brain!

Solange Aguilera

Our personal working tool is our brain, still, we do not dedicate time and effort to understand this 5.000-year-old mechanism. Learn how hormones and 200.000 years of human history influence fundamental aspects of our day to day activities in our agile teams, such as sense of justice, respect and motivation.

12:10 to 12:45 (GMT-3)
15:10 to 15:45 (GMT)
12:50 to 13:50 (GMT-3)
15:50 to 16:50 (GMT)
Networking and Visiting Stands

Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

14:00 to 14:05 (GMT-3)
17:00 to 17:05 (GMT)
Track opening by coordination

Here the coordinators introduce themselves and make an introduction to the track.

14:10 to 14:45 (GMT-3)
17:10 to 17:45 (GMT)

The Cost of Pair Programming, AKA The Cost of Delay

Miguel Gonzalez

When we work on a software project, should we get each developer working on a different part of the project so we have everyone progressing in parallel or should we focus on one thing, then move to the next one once the first one is done?

There is a way to calculate the cost of each of these approaches and it is interesting to know that the way we organise ourself in a team may have a big impact on the final bill to the business.

14:50 to 16:05 (GMT-3)
17:50 to 19:05 (GMT)

How Agile practices affect my long term project planning?

Digital Panel of this Track
16:10 to 16:25 (GMT-3)
19:10 to 19:25 (GMT)
Networking and Visiting Stands

Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

16:25 to 17:00 (GMT-3)
19:25 to 20:00 (GMT)

The Three Laws of Test-Driven Development are Useful but Incomplete

Burk Hufnagel

Following the Three Laws of Test-Driven Development (TDD) are a great way to gain many of the benefits of TDD. Unfortunately, even if you do exactly as they say, you can still miss out on the most valuable benefit TDD offers.

In this session, we'll look at an updated version of the Laws that will help you gain all the benefits of TDD.

17:05 to 17:40 (GMT-3)
20:05 to 20:40 (GMT)

Stop teaching tools. Start building teams.

Nigel Thurlow

Why do so many Transformations fail? Is transformation the right word? Where does agility fit and what about new concepts like flow. How do you truly influence the change and optimization of an organization.

Is Kanban the new Scrum? Are tools really needed?

In this Keynote talk by former Toyota Chief of Agile, Nigel Thurlow will discuss how human behaviors and team science are the key to successful change initiatives, be they Lean, Agile, Scrum or Flow to deliver value.

Nigel will explain the Triple Helix of Flow and explain why this is the DNA of organizations.

17:45 to 18:20 (GMT-3)
20:45 to 21:20 (GMT)

The seven manufacturing wastes applied to software development

Taner Pereira / Om Patel

On Lean philosophy, waste is any activity that doesn't bring value to the final customer.

The market is too concerned on following methods and frameworks. However, we don't see much buzz around identifying, monitoring, measuring, and eliminating wastes from our process.

This talk comes to be an eye-opening speech for leaders, thinkers and practitioners of software development focusing on how we can be more efficient in an agnostic way, with no bias on specific methods or frameworks, explaining the seven wastes listed by Taiichi Ono, considered the father of Toyota Production System.

18:25 to 18:45 (GMT-3)
21:25 to 21:45 (GMT)
Closing session

After the presentation of the results of the day, on the Stadium stage, many sweepstakes will close the day.

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