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The Java track will bring what is new in the market related to the Java platform, from advancements of the language to solutions that encompass applications that run on the platform through derivative languages such as Kotlin or Scala. Learn how Quarkus and GraalVM are changing the environment. If you want to know what trends and what some companies have done to innovate in the construction of their applications, come and watch this track.

Date and Place

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

09h às 19h GMT-3



For Brazilians, in BRL:
1 track: R$ 145 for R$ 110
2 tracks: R$ 290 for R$ 198
3 tracks: R$ 435 for R$ 285
* price valid until APR/26, see full table

For Brazilians, in BRL:
1 track: R$ 145 for R$ 130
2 tracks: R$ 290 for R$ 230
3 tracks: R$ 435 for R$ 330
* price valid until MAY/28, see full table

For Brazilians, in BRL:
1 track: R$ 145
2 tracks: R$ 290 for R$ 260
3 tracks: R$ 435 for R$ 370
* price valid until JUN/10, see full table

For Foreigners, in USD:
1 track: $30 for $20 USD
Connect Pass: $80 for $60 USD
* price valid until MAY/08

For Foreigners, in USD:
1 track: $30 for $25 USD
Connect Pass: $80 for $70 USD
* price valid until JUN/01

For Foreigners, in USD:
1 track: $30 USD
Connect Pass: $60 USD
* price valid until JUN/10

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Schedule / Talks Time Zone: GMT-3

Time Content
10:15 to 10:45 (GMT-3)
13:15 to 13:45 (GMT)

TDC Opening

At International Stadium with Yara Senger
10:50 to 11:25 (GMT-3)
13:50 to 14:25 (GMT)

Level up your basic Java understanding

Lilian Cavalet / Alan Saloum Bastos

Do you want to pursue a tech career and all you have is a brief understanding of object oriented programming and Java syntax? Have you ever dreamed of having guidance on what you should learn next to become a better Java programmer? If you answered yes to one of these questions, this presentation is for you.

11:30 to 12:05 (GMT-3)
14:30 to 15:05 (GMT)

The infallible process expert Java devs use to diagnose and fix production code.

Vipin Sharma

Your production Java app isn't working. Angry customers are waiting. Your boss is asking you what's going on...

We have all been there. If you can solve the problem quickly, you create trust and show maturity. That's what a senior developer looks like!

This presentation will discuss a little known infallible process used by the top Java experts that will resolve hard situations! Troubleshoot problems in your Java apps by using free and open-source tools available in the JDK -- jps, jstack, jinfo, jcmd, jmap, jhsdb, and jdb.

Be the go-to person in your team to solve hard problems! Understand the common problems professional Java developers face and how to diagnose and solve them quickly.

12:10 to 12:45 (GMT-3)
15:10 to 15:45 (GMT)

Migrate Spring Boot app to Quarkus. Stage unlocked

Jonathan Vila

Have you heard about Quarkus ? for sure you have, a new super fast, super light framework to develop cloud native and GraalVM compatible apps. But, is that easy to go the Quarkus way ? is it hard to migrate an existing app ? For sure in a hello world demo this will look fantastic ( they all look that way don?t they ? ) but, in a real app, is that nice ? is that easy ? is that fun ? In this session I will show my experience from scratch migrating an app to Quarkus, using different technologies as Hibernate, Prometheus, Rest, ? and also how you can check your current app and see how easy is to migrate using a foss app to analyse it. Prepare for a journey of reality, failures, and experiences

12:50 to 13:50 (GMT-3)
15:50 to 16:50 (GMT)
Networking and Visiting Stands

Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

14:00 to 14:05 (GMT-3)
17:00 to 17:05 (GMT)
Track opening by coordination

Here the coordinators introduce themselves and make an introduction to the track.

14:10 to 14:45 (GMT-3)
17:10 to 17:45 (GMT)

Tools for Zero Downtime Migrations

Daniane Pereira Gomes

The year is 2021, you have a Java application and a relational database to update. Nobody wants to find a time window during the night to put the system down and publish a new release!

Cloud computing, deployment tools and business requirements have evolved to a point where companies can and must be up and running 24/7.

But what about relational databases? How to apply changes in a database schema without downtime? Also, how to make this process automatic and part of the pipeline?

During this talk, it will be discussed good practices and tools for applying database migrations in Java applications without any downtime.

14:50 to 16:05 (GMT-3)
17:50 to 19:05 (GMT)

When java is and isn't the best tool for the job?

Mary Grygleski
Painel Digital dest trilha \ Digital Panel of this Track
16:10 to 16:25 (GMT-3)
19:10 to 19:25 (GMT)
Networking and Visiting Stands

Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

16:25 to 17:00 (GMT-3)
19:25 to 20:00 (GMT)

Framewars: the battle between NoSQL and Java in the cloud arena.

Otávio Santana

This lecture's objective is to make comparisons between points and weaknesses of Java frameworks that integrate with databases. On the one hand, the NoSQL MongoDB, Redis, Neo4J, and Cassandra, and on the other, the Java frameworks that integrate with them: Spring, Quarkus, Jakarta EE, Micronaut. The arena: the cloud! In this ring, the one who best analyzes each tool's trade-offs wins in this epic battle.

17:05 to 17:40 (GMT-3)
20:05 to 20:40 (GMT)

Hexagonal Architecture: How to design ports and adapters in Java

Ygor Castor

We all hear from our teachers that we need to build a cohesive and decoupled code, but no matter how we try we often bike-shed into building a not-so-decoupled service, why is that? Well, in my opinion, this often happens because the chosen architectural pattern does not force you to decouple your services, and there's where the Hexagonal Architecture shines, it's a natural way to build your software not caring about if it will run using one database or another, or if it will provide REST endpoints or gRPC calls, allowing you to focus in your business rules and deal with the external world later.

17:45 to 18:20 (GMT-3)
20:45 to 21:20 (GMT)

Web Components and MicroProfile / Jakarta EE = Productivity on Steroids

Adam Bien

Exceptional productivity, easy to learn, enjoyable maintenance, and without any frameworks, transpilations or builds. In this session I'm going to create a full stack PWA from scratch. Vanilla Web Components in the frontend communication with vanilla Jakarta EE + MicroProfile in the backend. Sub-second deployments and turn-around cycles included. Your questions are highly appreciated.p>

18:25 to 18:45 (GMT-3)
21:25 to 21:45 (GMT)
Closing session

After the presentation of the results of the day, on the Stadium stage, many sweepstakes will close the day.

Schedule subject to change
audio in English only Time Zone: GMT-3



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