Career is thinking about the future, keeping yourself challenged, and take the steps in that direction. Are you ready for that?

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!" - Lao Tzu

Do you know the steps to start your career, or to keep your career always moving forward?

Do you know what you need to do in order to have a continuous growing career?

If your answer is no, this track is for you! But if you know the answer (or some of them), this track is also for you - you can always learn more and share what you already know!

Thinking about the future: adding innovation, connection and transformation - connected pillars to all careers -, is becoming essential for a valuable professional.

At the Career Track, we will explore together the skills, possibilities and trends for the coming years, sharing knowledge and making new network connections.

Take a step in this Career Track, and be challenged to pursue a growing career!

Date and Place

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

09h às 19h GMT-3



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Time Content
10:15 to 10:45 (GMT-3)
13:15 to 13:45 (GMT)

TDC Opening

Welcome Session - International Edition
10:50 to 11:25 (GMT-3)
13:50 to 14:25 (GMT)

Three steps to improve your code and software design.

Thorben Stangenberg

Have you ever needed to fix buggy and poorly written code? Maybe you had to hunt down an intermittent problem just to find out it was caused by ?copy and paste? from a poor solution from StackOverflow. It sucks working on code like this, don?t you think?

In this talk, you will receive three steps to improve your code and software design. You will see how Code-Katas, Test Driven Development, and Object-Calisthenics will sharpen your coding skills and bring you to the next level in your developer career.

11:30 to 12:05 (GMT-3)
14:30 to 15:05 (GMT)

Empathic Mentoring for Developers - Why Should You Care, and How?

Dervis Mansuroglu

This talk will share with you proven techniques for helping developers succeed. You will learn about the speakers experiences of mentoring developers from underrepresented groups of the IT-industry and how they succeed landing jobs and trainees positions after just a year and a half of mentoring. Learn about challenges along the way, and the prerequisites needed before mentoring others. Becoming a mentor requires you to face your biases and inner demons. It requires you to believe that all people, no matter background, are unique and skilled. You must relearn what trust and empathy really is in practice. Being a mentor elevates your career, your personality, and it can even save lives.

12:10 to 12:45 (GMT-3)
15:10 to 15:45 (GMT)

Facing future challenges in a new tech career

Gisele Passuti Barbosa

If you have started a new career, you may know that sometimes it's hard to maintain the balance between grown and take care of your healthiness (mainly mental health). I've learned some tips in my journey, beginning from zero in the IT area, trying to combat the impostor syndrome and other challenges, and maybe those can be useful to you.

12:50 to 13:50 (GMT-3)
15:50 to 16:50 (GMT)
Networking and Visiting Stands

Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

14:00 to 14:05 (GMT-3)
17:00 to 17:05 (GMT)
Track opening by coordination

Here the coordinators introduce themselves and make an introduction to the track.

14:10 to 14:45 (GMT-3)
17:10 to 17:45 (GMT)

First time leadership. Does it have to be so hard?

Helena Miguez / Plínio Magalhães

Do you remember when you first became leader of a team? I bet it was a challenge you felt you were not prepared to take, right? This program was designed to provide the participants the opportunity to experience the challenges of becoming a leader and making decisions based on what we expect from our leadership, as well as to develop their autonomy and sense of responsibility over your own learning process. After the program, the participants will have developed the skills, knowledge and competences that will improve their learning curve, once they face the challenge of leading in real life.

14:50 to 16:05 (GMT-3)
17:50 to 19:05 (GMT)

From tech to leadership - How to switch?

Daniel Wildt / Helena Miguez / Isabel Gomes / Max Andersen / Plínio Magalhães
Management career vs Technical career - managing your own career and growing
16:10 to 16:25 (GMT-3)
19:10 to 19:25 (GMT)
Networking and Visiting Stands

Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

16:25 to 17:00 (GMT-3)
19:25 to 20:00 (GMT)
17:05 to 17:40 (GMT-3)
20:05 to 20:40 (GMT)

High Performance through Perseverance

Kellyn Gorman

"Fall down seven times, get up eight."

There is incredible power through the simple act of not giving up. Many who accomplish considerable feats find when reviewing what it was the fact that they didn't give up over the steps or failures that occurred to get to the finish line. This session will dig into a personal journey around a career of great success that all starts and ends with simply doing and persevering.

The goal of this session is to teach others the power of building a goal and sticking to it, even when challenges arise that may make you want to give up. We'll discuss how to make efficient use of time, skills and how to persevere without costing too much of oneself, too.

17:45 to 18:20 (GMT-3)
20:45 to 21:20 (GMT)

Why you should focus on your skills and not on your job description

Daniel Wildt

Some people start working for companies and improve their career based on job descriptions. Later you exchange to another company, going for a different job description.

This never ends. And in the end, you may become someone outdated.

We can create more possibilities, we can build a different path while accepting some job descriptions along the way.

What's the job of your life? What are you willing to do? What are the items in your "must do" list?

I want to talk to you about your skills and why you should focus on them. And why you should build side projects to enhance skills or even create new skills.

18:25 to 18:45 (GMT-3)
21:25 to 21:45 (GMT)
Closing session

After the presentation of the results of the day, on the Stadium stage, many sweepstakes will close the day.

Schedule subject to change
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