The Stadium track presents a selection of talks from the tracks and special guests covering the main topics of the conference!

This track is open for everyone who registered for the event from BASIC PASS to VIP PASS! You can always join us at this stage to learn more about Java, Cloud, DevOps, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Agile, APIs & Microservices.

After each talk, you can go to the Q&A room and ask your questions to the speaker!

This track will have a simultaneous translation, you will be able to watch the speaker and slides from Hopin Platform and the translator on a Telegram Channel!

Date and Place

Thursday, December 2, 2021

09h às 19h GMT-3



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Time Content
10:15 to 10:45 (GMT-3)
13:15 to 13:45 (GMT)

TDC Opening

Welcome Session - International Edition
10:50 to 11:25 (GMT-3)
13:50 to 14:25 (GMT)

Usability of Privacy & "good will "Principles on IA

Alessandra Monteiro Martins

Usability of privacy and why we need to regulate the use of AI, it's not about theory, but about practices that have been ubiquitous . Through a contextualization of the Principles of Privacy by Design and Security by design, and the legal principles of privacy of GDPR and LGPD, also involving the concepts of usability, privacy and security, I try to show how this scenario presents itself in our daily lives in use of AI, not just conceptually, but bringing a more practical approach. A way to raise awareness of what is really at stake, in addition to technological innovation and development

11:30 to 12:05 (GMT-3)
14:30 to 15:05 (GMT)

First time leadership. Does it have to be so hard?

Helena Miguez / Plínio Magalhães

Do you remember when you first became leader of a team? I bet it was a challenge you felt you were not prepared to take, right? This program was designed to provide the participants the opportunity to experience the challenges of becoming a leader and making decisions based on what we expect from our leadership, as well as to develop their autonomy and sense of responsibility over your own learning process. After the program, the participants will have developed the skills, knowledge and competences that will improve their learning curve, once they face the challenge of leading in real life.

12:10 to 12:45 (GMT-3)
15:10 to 15:45 (GMT)

Exploring and visualization your data with no hassle

Nicolas Fränkel

A lot, if not all, data science projects end up requiring some sort of data visualization front-end to display the results for humans to analyze. Python seems to boast the most powerful libraries, but do not lose hope if you're a Java developer (or if you're proficient in another language as well). In this talk, I'm going to describe how you can benefit from such a data visualization front-end without writing a single line of code.

12:50 to 13:50 (GMT-3)
15:50 to 16:50 (GMT)
Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

Intervalo para fazer networking e conhecer os estandes do evento.

14:00 to 14:05 (GMT-3)
17:00 to 17:05 (GMT)
Afternoon opening

On the Stadium stage, everyone will be guided on how the event works, highlights and other news.

14:10 to 14:45 (GMT-3)
17:10 to 17:45 (GMT)

Microservices Design: Moving from Orchestration to Choreography using Event-Driven Architectures

Israel Ekpo

Do you have scenarios within your Microservice architecture where one or more components are prone to failures that can bring down the entire system and easily become the bottleneck due to the built-in orchestration in the design of the architecture? In this talk, we cover the foundations for event-driven architectures and how you can leverage several open source projects like Kafka, Flink and Beam in your architecture to build scalable, resilient architectures.

14:50 to 15:25 (GMT-3)
17:50 to 18:25 (GMT)

The 3rd wave of Agile ? The role of the Agile coach in tomorrow's organization

Derk-Jan de Grood

"We have mastered the agile way of working", my new manager told me, "The teams will continue doing their work, whether you coach them or not". I just started in a new assignment as agile coach and did my manager just tell me that I was not needed?

Understanding and recognizing the waves of agile adoption helps to tailor our coaching approach and continue to make an impact.

15:30 to 16:05 (GMT-3)
18:30 to 19:05 (GMT)

Bringing Java to the Cloud: Where am I, where am I going and how do I get there?

Otávio Santana / Karina Macedo Varela

To define where you want to go, first, you need to see where you are. The next step would be to have a plan. Let's discuss a plan to support architects that targets delivery in the cloud.

And to all the architects who dreamt of such a dynamic architecture but failed to deliver it - shall we talk about failures?

Let's see recurrent mistakes in the architectural design of services so you avoid impacting your organization for several years. Let's go beyond the discussion of app architectures and talk about CI/CD: fast delivery is not a sign that your app lifecycle is on a good path!

16:10 to 16:25 (GMT-3)
19:10 to 19:25 (GMT)
Break to network and get to know the booths of the event.

Intervalo para fazer networking e conhecer os estandes do evento.

16:25 to 17:00 (GMT-3)
19:25 to 20:00 (GMT)

Culture and Digital Transformation in Agile Companies

Henrique Hashimoto Cavalcante
Why isn't it enough these days to be just a company with agile development? Let's discuss the importance of iterating, experimenting, and learning quickly and cheaply before thinking about coding a new idea
17:05 to 17:40 (GMT-3)
20:05 to 20:40 (GMT)

The new world of remote work - especially international. How it expands our talent options and ability to learn new things. And how we need to be more culturally sensitive.

17:45 to 18:20 (GMT-3)
20:45 to 21:20 (GMT)

FinOps Strategy: how to demonstrate cost management effectiveness and Cloud Journey results?

Viviam Ribeiro

We have to map the main obstacles that can impact the results and minimize all the brilliant technical efforts on Cloud Journey... and money is one of them! FinOps is a new term that is spreading along with the advancement of Cloud Computing adoption. Let's take a look at the pillars and requirements needed to enable effective cloud cost management and provide insights on how to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and application portfolio analysis and prioritization.

18:25 to 18:45 (GMT-3)
21:25 to 21:45 (GMT)
Closing session

After the presentation of the results of the day, on the Stadium stage, many sweepstakes will close the day.

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