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Trilha The Future of Development

From DevOps pipelines to the use of Cloud and Containers. From new APIs to Testing. What are the practices of today that shed light on the future of development? Should we expect more AI and Machine Learning? How will Web, Mobile, and even Security affect software development? What current languages, tools, and practices can teach us about where we are going?

This track will focus on software development in a broad sense. How do we create better software today and in the future?

A few examples of topics we are looking at this track:

  • Languages
  • APIs
  • Testing
  • DevOps
  • Cloud
  • Containers
  • AI/ML
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Security


Quinta-feira, 27 de Agosto de 2020

09h às 19h (somente ao vivo)


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Hora Conteúdo
09:00 às 09:30 Abertura do evento e mini keynote

No palco da Stadium, todos serão orientados sobre o funcionamento do evento, destaques e outras novidades.

09:30 às 10:20 A definir
10:25 às 10:40 Abertura da trilha pela coordenação

Aqui os coordenadores se apresentam e fazem uma introdução para a trilha.

10:45 às 11:20

Event-driven serverless architectures using Knative and Cloud Run

Mete Atamel

When you combine the efficiency of containers, agility of serverless and flexibility of event-driven services, you end up with a more reusable, interoperable and scalable architecture with minimal management overhead.

In this talk, we?ll explore the open-source Knative Eventing and its managed version Cloud Run. We?ll explore what they provide for event-driven serverless containers and we?ll deep dive into some real-world reference architectures.

At the end of this session, you?ll have a solid understanding on how Knative and Cloud Run can power your event-driven apps.

11:25 às 12:00

My Data is Better than Yours! Prioritization in Apache Kafka®

Ricardo Ferreira

A common challenge that developers face while working with Kafka is how to handle situations where some data needs to be prioritized due to its importance to the business. The lack of support for data prioritization in Kafka in a broker level can be a bummer and because of this developers think that Kafka won't be a good fit for their needs.

This talk will explain why Kafka doesn't support data reordering natively and what can be done to overcome this limitation. A design pattern to solve this problem in Kafka will be introduced and explained, along with an open-source implementation of this pattern and some code examples.

12:05 às 13:00

4K Cloud Data Stream - Kubernetes, Knative, Kafka and Kamel

Kamesh Sampath

Starting 2019, we started to see ?Serverless? taking center stage in all application architectures with enterprise integration and data streaming being no exception. With Kubernetes becoming the standard to run your application workloads in the cloud, there isn't one simple way to build a highly scalable platform to integrate streaming data and enterprise applications without compromising enterprise compliance.

In this demo filled session we will explore the four pillars Kubernetes,Knative,Kafka and Kamel to know how they help you build the much needed platform for enterprise integration and data streaming which can scale to infinity without compromising on your cloud resource costs.

13:00 às 14:00 Intervalo para almoço

Intervalo para o almoço e recarregar energias.

14:00 às 14:15 Abertura da trilha pela coordenação

Aqui os coordenadores se apresentam e fazem uma introdução para a trilha.

14:15 às 14:50

Secure your Quarkus Applications

Sébastien Blanc

So you have built in no time your Quarkus application and it's supersonic subatomic fast but have you thought about security ? Right, usually this is the thing we implement at the end even if it's a crucial part of our application we often ignore it . The good news it's that with Quarkus, adding security and identity management is a breeze.

Join me in this 100% live coding session where we explore the different options that Quarkus offers you to secure your applications.

14:55 às 15:30

The Power of Semantic HTML

Tatiane Aguirres Nogueira

HTML is the main structure of any web application. Discover how powerful and advantageous your application structure can be if you use the benefits of a well-made semantic HTML architecture. In this presentation, you will learn how to improve your position in Google's rank, how to make your site accessible to all users, among other benefits of Semantic HTML.

15:35 às 16:10

Effective Java SE 9 through 15 APIs/Lang features, makes your life easier.

Mohamed Taman

Starting from Java SE 9+, which was a significant release for the Java programming language and the Java virtual machine. And java works fast to cope with new technology era, and we see this every six months, Java SE 9-15 includes many changes, the library additions and the new language features we're going to look at here are all great. They're handy in your day-to-day work.

So, let's take a tour of the new features in Java SE 15, powered by code, the platform designed to support faster learning, and more productive Java development.

Data management in a Microservices world

Gerald Venzl

Microservices strive for scalability, autonomy and flexibility for modern applications. But it always gets tricky when it comes to the data. "Code is easy, state is hard" is the motto often used. Naturally, a lot of Microservices architectures do not speak of the data aspect, leaving it up to you to figure it out. From an academic standpoint, Microservices should be completely decoupled and isolated, while from a data management academic point of view, all data should reside in one place only. Both are mutually exclusive, academically. In a practical world, both have to work together and meet somewhere in the middle. In this fun session, we will search for the middle ground.

16:15 às 16:35 Open Space

16:40 às 17:15 A definir
17:25 às 18:15 A definir
18:20 às 18:40 Encerramento

Após a apresentação de resultados do dia, no palco da Stadium, muitos sorteios fecharão o dia.

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